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Steam Room : Enjoy a trip to the Orient, and sample the pleasures of 45 degree humid heat, where the body can relax pore by pore under the effect of the temperature, while an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing overcomes you and all your muscular tension leaves your body.
Sauna : Voyage to the Northern hemisphere with this Finnish sauna.  The softness of the wooden benches where you can lie down will help to relax you, as will the soft music playing in the background.  The high temperatures will stimulate your sweat glands, helping you to eliminate toxins, leaving you with cleaner skin and completely stress-free.
Spa treatments : A real moment of happiness awaits you : a moment of complete evasion!  Try the surprising Ying Yang with granite rocks or the ‘Douceur du Monde’ massage which is born of a fusion of Californian, Korean and Indian techniques... For mothers and mothers-to-be, we can offer personalised treatments; for men’s facials, a deep energising treatment ‘Original’, or else enjoy a massage with your loved one.  You can enjoy this moment of harmony together without having to wait for one another.
Swimming Pool : Surrounded by wood and stone, the spa heated swimming pool will gently help you get ready for the treatments which await you.
Offers : Offer to your body complete moments of wellbeing by choosing from our offers.

Body care massage rates  >> download the pdf
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